Credit: Amy Pinard Photography

You’d think being out until 4 a.m. Friday night chatting up mysterious blondes would tucker Justin Bieber out. But when you’re 19 years old, apparently you’ve got enough energy to continue the party through the Super Bowl weekend — which is exactly what the pop star did at the Leather and Laces shindig Saturday night.

Credit: Amy Pinard Photography

Despite his recent legal troubles, the Biebs seemed carefree when he stopped by the 11th Annual Leather & Laces party at the Liberty Theatre in Manhattan Saturday night. In fact, he even arrived at the pre-game party with, get this, a skateboard in hand! And yes, he used it.

First, however, Justin hung out in his own private cabana filled with goodies like cupcakes and sushi platters. The “Boyfriend” singer — who was comfortably casual in a black tee, gym shorts, and a long gold chain — was clearly feeling the DJ, as he stood up on the banquette to dance and rap along with the hits.

Later into the night, Bieber left the cabana to skate through the center of the party, even showing off some tricks for the crowd. When you are a teenage multi-millionaire, busting out an ollie in the middle of a NYC club is totally kosher. And the Beliebers weren’t disappointed, as Justin took selfies with friends and fans back in his cabana.

The Biebs wasn’t the only bold-faced name at the event, which was hosted by Victoria’s Secret models Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima, and presented by Robert Graham, Barracuda Networks and Copy, for Super Bowl XXVIII weekend.

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