Credit: Miami-Dade Police Department via Getty Images Photo: Justin Bieber Mugshot on January 23, 2014

Justin Bieber’s getting real familiar with lawyers and court rooms these days. After his DUI arrest earlier this month, Justin’s legal troubles have been sent into a tailspin, making his life look a lot like one long episode of Law & Order. But according to CNN, Justin now has one last legal battle to fight: lawyers have managed to settle a suit filed by his former bodyguard.

Moshe Benabou accused Justin of attacking him in October 2012 while Justin was on a “tirade.” Believable so far, considering the fact that Justin is becoming more and more like the type of guy to go on a crazy Charlie Sheen-style rant.

“The tirade was apparently triggered by what Justin perceived as an attempt by Moshe Benabou to keep one member of Mr. Bieber’s entourage physically away from Justin Bieber,” says the lawsuit. It goes on to accuse Justin of repeatedly punching the bodyguard’s “chest and upper body area,” although Moshe didn’t fight back.

But Justin can cross this court date off his calendar, because, according to Justin’s lawyer, Howard Weitzman, they were able to reach a settlement.

“The matter has been resolved to the satisfaction of both parties, and the case has been dismissed,” Howard said.

What a relief! The last thing Justin needs right now is even more bad press.

Source: CNN