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Can Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez ever have a drama-free relationship? The two rekindled things last month and have seemed to be having a great time together  but a new rumor is calling that into question. 

Star magazine reports that Justin cheated on Selena last month with a groupie while he was in Austin for the South By Southwest festival. Apparently, the hook-up took place after Selena flew to NYC on March 11 to shoot an Adidas commercial. 

Sources say Justin met a sexy fan during the festival and had trouble saying no. "He couldn’t resist," says the source. Now, Selena's pals are worried that Justin's latest bad decision could be especially tough on her. 

"It’s a toxic and dangerous situation," the source adds about Justin and Selena's relationship.

Frankly, we have our doubts about whether to trust this report, since Star is not the world's most reputable publication. Justin and Selena have seemed quite cute together lately, especially since Selena was recently spotted wearing a ring from Justin on that finger. So let's hope Justin didn't actually cheat on her. 

Do you think Justin cheated on Selena last month? Or do you think he wouldn't do that?

Source: Star via Hollywood Life