Justin Bieber is all about the plea deals these days. This year, Justin suffered a windfall of legal woes, and he’s doing his best to put them all behind him — especially when it comes to his January DUI arrest in Miami.

He initially reached a plea deal for the case back in June, when he reportedly agreed to admit his guilt in court in exchange for a punishment that included a hefty fine and required anger management classes. Something must have happened between then and now, though, because according to TMZ, the Biebs managed to strike up a new deal.

Now, if Justin pleads guilty, he’ll supposedly be making a $50,000 charitable donation and spend 12 hours in an anger management course. Considering the fact that Justin’s usually all about giving back, we have a feeling he won’t mind the first part of making amends, and although that course doesn’t sound like much fun, it sounds like Justin got off easy.

Why such a lax punishment? Apparently, police lied about Justin’s drag racing, and that he hadn’t been drinking as originally reported. Obviously, these admissions would be huge in negotiating Justin’s side of things in court, so it wouldn’t be surprising if they caused the judge to be more lenient.

Take the deal and run, Justin! But not too quickly, and not under the influence of any substances. Thank you.

Source: TMZ

Credit: NDN Photo: Justin Bieber Strikes Plea Deal For Miami DUI Case (VIDEO)