Watch Justin Bieber's Fans Overwhelm Security in New York City (VIDEO)

Credit: NDN

You had better beliebe Justin Bieber makes waves when he rolls into town. During a recent jaunt to New York City, the 20-year-old singer whipped Big Apple fans into a froth. Not even New York traffic could stop these fans from getting what they wanted: Justin served up on a silver platter.

Watch the video above to see the chaos for yourself. Highlights include the pink Dora the Explorer umbrella that nearly blocks the camera at the start; the droves of young women who physically crawl over one another to get access to Justin’s vehicle; and the crowd rocking Justin’s car back in forth in an effort to do what we’re not quite sure.

It sounds terrifying and even got Justin’s well-styled hair in enough of a twist to inspire the pop star to pop out of his car’s roof. He seems to be trying to quiet the crowd but, perhaps not surprisingly, his surprise appearance has the exact opposite effect. The masses start in on high-pitch screaming and it doesn’t stop until Justin’s car is safely tucked away in its garage.

It’s utter madness that's totally worth watching. We personally suggest a drinking game for every selfie you see taken. Might be the quickest we’ve ever gotten drunk in under a minute.

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