Justin Bieber Shares Nearly Nude Selfie (VIDEO)

Credit: AOL

Please forgive us for bringing these photos of a nearly nude Justin Bieber to your attention. They’re pictures you can’t unsee (believe us, we’ve tried) but yet, like a bad wreck, we just can’t look away.

Not that Justin wants us to, of course. This kid is all about flashing some major skin on his social media accounts, particularly snapshots of him keeping things toned. Just check out the hashtags he used for a recent photoshoot visit to the gym: “#dapump #enterthedragon #idontcaretobestrong #justwannalookstrong #trickem.” Talk about heavy lifting! Those are some lengthy hashtags, Biebs.

But for a real good look at Justin’s Canadian bacon, you’ve got to head over to his app, Shots of Me. This weekend, Justin took a selfie at, um, an interesting angle. From the waist up, we see a shirtless Justin wearing nada but a gold chain. “Night,” he simply captioned the photo. He might as well have added “#watchingyouwhileyousleep #whatnightmaresaremadeof” and a few other long-winded tags. See the pic for yourself in the video above!

But hey, in Justin’s defense if you’ve got it, flaunt it right? If we worked out half as much as this kid, we’d want to share the results too.

What do you make of Justin’s scandalous selfie? Show me more, show me more or make it stop for the love of all things Usher? Hit the comments!

Source: Justin Bieber on Instagram

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