Justin Bieber’s New Atlanta Neighbors Protest His Arrival (UPDATE: It’s a Hoax)
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Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber’s New Atlanta Neighbors Protest His Arrival (UPDATE: It’s a Hoax)

Original story (February 23, 2014): Congrats, ATL — Justin Bieber is now officially your problem!

Justin is one of the most popular music stars around the world, but no one seems to want him to live next door. He came to the U.S. from Canada and he didn't exactly bond with all his neighbors in Calabasas, CA, but now he's renting a home from mogul Dallas Austin in the Buckhead area of Atlanta, Georgia.

Are the neighbors happy to welcome the superstar? Not so much.

According to TMZ, The Buckhead Neighborhood Coalition has actually organized a protest, which will be held tomorrow (Monday, February 24) morning, starting bright and early at 6 a.m. More than 200 people have reportedly signed up for the protest, signing a petition that reads, in part, "We have worked hard to achieve our goals and get where we are. Justin Bieber's relocation to Atlanta can be nothing but bad for our children. [...] Some can't even let their child play in the driveway without fear; he has raced vehicles under the influence before. What's to say he won't do it again?"

Here's the ending, which throws some serious shade: "Please don't allow a child to ruin what we have worked so hard to obtain." A child! No 19-year-old boy (turning 20 on March 1) wants that label.

What do you think of this protest? Good for them, or are they overreacting, since Justin hasn’t done anything there (yet)? It’s not exactly a win for Southern hospitality, but at least they are fighting to keep their neighborhood safe.

Maybe Justin should just have a sit-down with the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Let NeNe Leakes sort this "child" out.

Update (February 24, 2014): Looks like we all got fooled! As E! Online reports, the Buckhead protest was just a hoax perpetrated by Rock 100.5's The Regular Guys show and the picketers were just interns at the station dressed in nice-looking clothing.

Host Steve Rickman tells the site that they simply sent out tweets about the faux protest and never expected such a media field day. "I mean it spun completely [out of control]," he says. "We're blown away. It's a home run when you're a morning radio show."

Still, we wouldn't be surprised if the actual Buckhead residents started objecting for reals.

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