Justin Bieber’s Bodyguard Fired Over Concern For Justin’s Behavior — Report
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Justin Bieber’s Bodyguard Fired Over Concern For Justin’s Behavior — Report

In light of the giant swirling ball of chaos that’s been surrounding Justin Bieber (and his friends) recently, there’s a question that’s been on our minds — how in the world does someone who is constantly surrounded by security get himself into so much trouble? But according to Radar Online, it could be because his former bodyguard was fired for trying to keep Justin in line — and the new guys don’t exactly see that as part of their job description.

His former bodyguard, Dustin Folkes, was Justin’s right hand man for years, but a disagreement about Justin’s behavior ended up getting him (and his entire security team) fired.

“Dustin got into an argument with Justin’s manager Scooter about trying to help with Justin’s behavior,” a source revealed. “Dustin and his company were let go from Justin’s security detail for trying to intervene.”

And after Dustin was fired, Justin started getting into trouble — you know, mop buckets, graffiti, wild parties, a little egg-tossing here and there — because his new security team isn’t looking out for him in the same way.

“Dustin’s company used to watch over Bieber’s house 24/7 in 12 hour shifts to make sure his idiot friends stayed in line and chaos did not ensue,” the source added. “Without security that actually cares about Bieber’s well-being, things are getting out of control at the house.”

If you consider police raids out of control, that is.

We think Justin could have used a caring bodyguard like Dustin right now — and if this information is true, we’ve got a feeling Scooter and his PR team are kicking themselves as we speak.

Source: Radar Online

01.17.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Nicole Pomarico
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