Justin Bieber: A Timeline of His Reckless Behavior
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Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber: A Timeline of His Reckless Behavior

It would be difficult to talk about Justin Bieber without mentioning the downward spiral he seems to be on these days. Everything seemed to come to a head when the Biebs was arrested for DUI, drag racing, driving on an expired license, and resisting arrest in the wee hours of Thursday, January 23 — but the hits just keep on coming, most recently with a deposition the singer gave on March 6 on paparazzi, Xanax, and his ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez.

There are quite a few things the 19-year-old Canadian born singer has done — or has been accused of doing — that have made us stop, stare, and shake our heads in wonder. How did he… What the… We don’t know, but we have a long memory, and it’s all here for you to click through at will.

Just a quick warning between us, though. No matter what he does, the young fans of the world will always be Beliebers, so don’t bother trying to change their minds. Let’s take a walk down the line of his most questionable rumored, confirmed, and just plain nutty-sounding antics.

Justin Bieber: A Timeline of His Reckless Behavior
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January 2013: Buckets and Bill Clinton

The video didn't surface until that July, but in early 2013, Justin was caught on video supposedly peeing in a mop bucket in a nightclub kitchen, laughing with his friends, and yelling "f**k Bill Clinton!" while spraying a bottle of cleaning product on the former president. We're not sure what Willie's visage was doing in a nightclub bathroom, but JB raised some eyebrows, nonetheless.

March 2013: Beginning His Woes Behind the Wheel

In March 2013, TMZ reported that Justin threatened to kill his neighbor and spit in his face after the man came onto his property. The reasoning for the alleged altercation? The neighbor wasn’t cool with Justin driving a new Ferrari at 100 MPH around his three kids in a gated community. While the case was dismissed, we certainly wouldn’t want to live near him.

March-April 2013: Mally the Monkey

Also in March, People reported that Justin’s pet capuchin monkey was confiscated in Germany, after the singer tried to bring it into the country without permission or papers. So, did he rush right back to get it? As soon as Justin's camp confirmed that Mally wouldn't be euthanized, they stopped responding to the German government. Fortunately, the monkey seems to be living the good life now.

Justin Bieber: A Timeline of His Reckless Behavior

August 2013: A Troubling Month

In August, TMZ reported that Justin got pulled over for driving in California without a valid license. Not really a big deal, but it seems like a symptom at this point, since he had been living in Calabasas for two months without updating his license to drive.

Also in the summer, Justin may have celebrated the hot weather a little heatedly, according to one report on TMZ. A man was talking to a waitress at a club, and word is that Justin was trying to spit game on her. Word was that things got heated and the man got badly beaten by Justin’s crew. If it’s true, maybe next time Justin should just say, “‘scuse me, sir, you’re interrupting my pimpin.’”

September 2013: Do We Belieb in Bike Theft?

Though it happened back in September 2013, a video recently surfaced on TMZ of The Biebs possibly attempting to steal a bike at The Palms in Las Vegas. He was immediately caught and nothing happened to him, but that doesn’t seem like something he should get in the habit of doing.

Of course, Justin may not have been in his right mind during the incident. Also in September 2013, a private plane pilot told TMZ that Justin and his entourage smoked so much weed before and during a flight, and smelled so much like marijuana, the flyer nearly “had to put on an oxygen mask.” Enter joke about the “mile high club” here, right?

Justin Bieber: A Timeline of His Reckless Behavior
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October 2013: The Justin Bieber Booty-Touch

In October 2013, Justin reportedly got really close to one of the “dancers” at a raunchy strip club. And while she didn’t seem to mind, according to a TMZ report, the fact that he allegedly touched her booty seems like it’s not kosher.

November 2013: Justin Bieber's Baffling Brazillian Vacation

On November 7, 2013, Justin shared pics of himself spray painting a wall in Brazil. Which is, uh, frowned upon. Justin posted the pics on Instagram, and the crime comes with a fine and up to a year in jail, so there’s that. Oh, and there’s the fact that he did pretty much the same thing the week before in Colombia.

We’re not sure it fits into the category of “worst things ever,” but The Hollywood Reporter learned that when Justin got hit by a rogue waterbottle in Sao Paolo, Brazil during a November 2013 concert, he peaced out of his entire concert, leaving fans confused and disappointed by their teen idol’s departure.

When traveling abroad, it’s important to get to know the local culture. For Justin, that meant allegedly hanging out in a Brazilian brothel for several hours, and Page Six sources claim he left with a few of the “ladies.” Someone must’ve tipped off reporters, because they were there waiting for him when he walked out. Although his team covered the man reported to be Justin on his way out, some telling tattoos make it seem it could have been him.

Rumors continued flying when Tavi Neves reportedly shot a video of Justin Bieber sleeping — which JB's camp maintained is just totally innocent shut-eye.

Meanwhile, also in South America, Justin managed to piss off an entire country when, E! Online reports, he kicked Argentina’s flag off the stage at his concert. His reasoning? He thought they were just bras and underwear that had been thrown on stage by fans. It’s a good thing he is Justin Bieber, since disrespecting the flag in Argentina carries a 1- to 4-year prison sentence. Man, this kid is really winning the hearts of the other side of the equator, eh?

November 2013: Trouble in Australia

After a whirlwind November, Justin capped the month off with a troubling incident in Brisbane, Australia when he and his entourage were reportedly detained for a drug search.

December 2013: Australian Antics Continue

Justin didn't leave his spray paint back in South America; he allegedly tagged up Gold Coast so hard that mayor Tom Tate recorded a video for TMZ, calling Justin a "pop princess" and demanding he clean up his mess.

Multiple guests told Australian news site News.com.au that they spotted the Biebs calling a teenage fan a "beached whale" by the pool at the Hyatt Regency in Perth on December 8. We're really, really hoping that one's not true.

Justin Bieber: A Timeline of His Reckless Behavior
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December 2013: Justin's Wild and Crazy Retirement Parties

December had two big themes for Justin: partying and maybe-retiring. Retiring to a life of partying, perhaps?

Anyway, Justin's return to the ol' US of A didn't seem to put a damper on his holiday behavior. Around 3 a.m. on December 14, ambulances were called to JB's house after a 20-year-old female reportedly passed out. She insisted that the ambulances leave after regaining consciousness, sources say, but sources also say that alcohol was involved.

On December 17, Justin showed up to a Power 106 radio interview in Los Angeles in a smoke-filled van (maybe he was using a smoke machine?) and, once inside and talking, told the DJs, "after my new album, I'm actually retiring." Oh, say it ain't so!

Justin would later address the rumors, saying "I don't know if it was a joke." He must have figured something out by Christmas, though, because he took to Twitter to say that he's "officially retiring."

January 2014: Justin Eggs a Neighbor's House

Egging may seem like an innocent, if totally obnoxious prank — but eggs can totally mess up someone's home. So when Justin allegedly went a-egging to his neighbor's house in his fancy neighborhood on January 9, he caused a reported $20,000 in damages, upping charges to a felony. Yikes!

As part of their investigation into the incident, cops ended up raiding Justin's pad. TMZ reports that his house was a "treasure trove of drugs," including "cookie jars" of weed, multiple bongs, and codeine. However, New York Daily News talked to one cop who rolled through the house, who said that he didn't see any of the drugs that TMZ reported. One anonymous law enforcement source told NYDN that there was only one bong.

One drug arrest did come out of the raid, though: His roomie and entourage staple, Lil Za, was arrested on drug-related charges. Cops believe the drugs allegedly attributed to Lil Za were "not connected" to Justin.

Justin Bieber: A Timeline of His Reckless Behavior
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Regardless of whether or not drugs belonging to Justin were found or acknowledged in the raid, a big ol' rumor cloud has been hanging over Justin's head all month: sizzurp abuse. For those not in the loop, sizzurp is a mixture of sugary soda and cough syrup, usually codeine-based but occasionally made with over-the-counter syrups like Robitussin.

After the incident, the Biebs continued being the Biebs, reportedly dropping $75,000 at a Miami strip club in a single night.

January 2014: "Baby"'s First Mugshot

While Justin was not arrested for that alleged felony property damage, he wouldn't finish out the month without seeing the back of a squad car. Just after 4 a.m. on January 23, 2014, cops pulled over a rented yellow Lamborghini for drag racing, and found Justin inside. The officer says he smelled booze on Justin's breath, so they asked him to step out of the vehicle, where they arrested him. They added a resisting arrest without violence charge because, the officer says, Justin "kept going into his pants pockets."

The Biebs also reportedly admitted to police that he'd been using prescription antidepressants, that he'd been smoking marijuana "all day," and drank beer earlier in the night.

In spite of all that happened, Justin looked pretty happy in his mugshot — not that he's camera-shy in general.

February 2014: More Paps, More Problems

Justin himself had a relatively quiet February, but the month still didn't come without its share of drama for the Bieber camp. One of Justin's bodyguards, plus one of his drivers, were both arrested on February 25 after allegedly stealing a paparazzo's camera. They had just told the paps to "stay cool," so we're guessing that photographer didn't stay cool?

Other than that, Justin's reported activities in February were mostly gossip... except his changing his Instagram name to "Bizzle."

March 2014: Disorder in the Court

Of course, the February incident wasn't the first run-in the Bieber muscle had with the paps. Back in 2013, Justin's bodyguards were accused of beating up a photographer and taking his film card — and Justin himself was accused of ordering them to do so. After a lengthy legal battle to keep Justin off the case, he was eventually ordered to give a deposition on the incident.

And so, on March 6, Justin sat down to give his video deposition. The results are... interesting. See some highlights from the four hour deposition below.

Justin also had a minor freakout when asked about Selena Gomez. After a weird line of questinoing about the Biebs's ex, he orders, "don't ask me about her again." Yikes.

While TMZ initially reported that he "screamed" the order, he seems a little calmer than we were led to believe. Still, nobody involved in the conversation is really cast in a professional light here.

Another selection of the video shows Justin discussing his Xanax prescription — specifically, how he doesn't have one.

What do you think? Has Justin gone too far, or is he just going through a rough patch? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!