Credit: NBC

Christmas came four days early, thanks to a reunion of the two Js!

Saturday Night Live alum Jimmy Fallon hosted SNL last night (December 21), with Justin Timberlake as the musical guest. But the major stars and SNL buddies were essentially co-hosts.

SNL did not hide them, even breaking out JT dressed as wrapping paper for the cold open sketch, accompanied by Jimmy as a holiday bag. "Bring it on down to Wrappinville!"

You have to watch Jimmy crack up during "Family Feud" when Justin does his impression of him:

You had to know there would be a Barry Gibb Talk Show sketch, and there was — complete with cameos from the real Barry Gibb and the real Madonna!

Jimmy's musical monologue also featured a cameo from (the real) Paul McCartney:

And the ladies brought the house down with the instant classic "(Do It On My) Twin Bed":

Watch the full episode here.

What did you think? A hit? A miss? Up to their usual standard?

Source: NBC