Madonna got some unexpected attention this weekend as she celebrated her birthday. The newly minted 56-year-old received well-wishes from droves of fans including a few celebrities. Among the A-listers bidding Madge a happy birthday was Justin Timberlake, but instead of just riffing on some of their “4 Minutes” lyrics, J.T. decided to call Madonna his “mother chucking ninja.” Tsk-tsk, replied the Twitterverse.

The offending  tweet has since been deleted but according to Us Weekly, here’s what Justin said: “"A happiest of Bdays to my mother chucking ninja, @Madonna!! Hope you have a great one, M!”

So what’s the big deal, you ask? Well, as folks on Twitter quickly pointed out, “chucking ninja” stands for a much more offensive couple of words. Justin must have known that, tweeted the upset masses, and so, by default, he used the “n” word. The tweet seemed particularly ill-timed with the protests in Ferguson, Missouri, some pointed out.

Justin’s since removed the tweet from his account and, on August 17, retweeted a message about Ferguson; whether there’s any connection between the two actions, only J.T. and his team know.

What do you make of the mess? Should Justin have deleted the tweet or did things get out of hand? Tell us!

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