Justin Who? Selena Gomez Asked on a Date — Here’s Her Response
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Justin Who? Selena Gomez Asked on a Date — Here’s Her Response

Now everyone is going to ask her out! A while back, Selena Gomez said she doesn’t get asked out a lot. It seemed hard to believe, but maybe it’s because she’s so identified as Justin Bieber’s girlfriend, and she’s always surrounded by friends, and her bodyguard, etc.

Well, that may change now that this guy from iHeartRadio asked her out — and she immediately said yes! OK, so the date only lasted about 10 seconds. She still said yes!

Selena is no longer dating Justin, and she was backstage at iHeartRadio Headquarters on Thursday to talk about Stars Dance, her rap skills (seriously!) and dating. Apparently Paul the Web Guy was the man who boldly went where no man had gone before. Here’s a breakdown of his date request:

Paul: “There is all this talk about your love life. Everyone knows you're single, right? Has anyone been as forward as this yet? 'Selena Gomez, will you go out with me?'"

Selena laughs.

Selena: "Um, no actually. That's my first time being asked out on a date! So ... I'm blushing.”

Paul: “So the answer is no?”

Selena: "Yes."

Paul got upset, saying he was hoping for a different answer. She was confused, wondering if he wanted her to say no. She was accepting, you doof! Once he understood, they ran out the studio door together. Then ran back in. After maybe 10 seconds, Selena declared it the "best date ever!"

Watch the video below. It's cute! And, you know, maybe the bar was just really low after Justin?

Source: iHeartRadio

07.25.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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