JWOWW and Roger Relationship Timeline
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Jenni "JWOWW" Farley

JWOWW and Roger Relationship Timeline

Who knew that a silly MTV show about a bunch of drunk guidos and guidettes would end up being an awesome match-making service for its castmates? Jenni “JWOWW” Farley probably didn't expect to find love when she signed up for Jersey Shore, but the show ended up bringing she and baby daddy/hubby-to-be Roger Mathews together.

Now that the happy couple have a baby on the way, we figured it was a good time to reminisce about their journey. So read on for a JWOWW and Roger relationship timeline!

Jersey Shore Season 1: A Romance Starts Brewing

JWOWW first met Roger during Jersey Shore Season 1. According to Jenni, he didn't make much of an impression on her at first, but when he carried her home after a night of intense partying, she realized he was someone who could "put up" with her, and that's why they stayed in touch. See, who says you can't find love on reality TV? Sure, she had a different boyfriend during Season 1, but as far as we know nothing actually happened between her and Roger at the time.

Jersey Shore Season 3: They Get Together

JWOWW and Roger Relationship Timeline
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We had to suffer through JWOWW's, uh, tumultuous relationship with Tom Lippolis (you know, the guy who stole her stuff after their breakup) for a while, but she finally ended things with him during Jersey Shore Season 3. It didn't take long for her to start hooking up with Roger, and it became very clear very quickly that he made her much happier than Tom did.

Jersey Shore Seasons 4-6, Snooki and JWOWW Season 1: A Love Story

Over the next few seasons of Jersey Shore, we followed Jenni and Roger's relationship through their ups and downs. And yes, there were plenty of downs. Remember that time JWOWW flipped out because Roger didn't wave when they passed each other on the road? Or the time Roger shoved JWOWW aside in the middle of a fight? Or, most of Snooki & JWOWW Season 1, where the couple seems to be bickering non-stop? Still, the good times far outweighed the bad, and we got to watch as they formed a tight bond.

They Move in Together

JWOWW and Roger Relationship Timeline
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While we're not sure exactly when JWOWW and Roger started living together, it seems to have happened sometime in early 2012. JWOWW revealed that she loves living with Roger because he's her best friend (other than Snooki, of course!). In November of 2012 their home, which is in Toms River, New Jersey, was devastated by Hurricane Sandy, and they were forced to practically gut it in the wake of the storm.

September, 2012: They Get Engaged!

In September of 2012 Roger finally put a ring on it. He went all out, buying JWOWW a gorgeous ring and getting down on one knee after an exciting day of skydiving. The world got to watch the proposal on Snooki & JWOWW Season 2, on March 12, 2013.

July 2013: They Go to Couple's Therapy

The pair was spotted at couple's therapy in March, 2013. Why? We're not positive, but we're guessing it had to do with dealing with JWOWW's fame — an issue we're going to get to watch them struggle with this summer on WE's Marriage Boot Camp.

December 2013: They're Pregnant!

JWOWW and Roger Relationship Timeline
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Whatever the issues in their relationship, we hope they get them all sorted out, because JWOWW is pregnant! Congrats to the happy couple!

July 2014: The Bundle of Joy Arrives

JWOWW's baby is due in July 2014.

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