JWOWW Slams Chris Christie: “I’m Coming After You”
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JWOWW Slams Chris Christie: “I’m Coming After You”

This year, it’s become pretty obvious that the former Jersey Shore cast members and New Jersey governor Chris Christie don’t see eye to eye. Following his statement that the cast isn’t a good representation of the people of New Jersey, Snooki tried to make nice after Hurricane Sandy, but Christie wasn’t having it.

And even after JWOWW’s Twitter outburst earlier this month where she shamed Christie for his views on gay marriage, she’s still pretty angry — and she’s taking her argument to a bigger audience.

During an interview with The New York Daily News to promote the upcoming third season of Snooki and JWOWW, JWOWW aired her opinion about Christie unapologetically. “I’m going to come after you,” she said. ““If you have a problem with two people being in love, and you’re against gay marriage, I have a problem with you.”

“What happens between two human beings has nothing to do with Chris Christie and does not affect Chris Christie,” JWOWW continued. “What does affect me is when my best friend can’t get married in New Jersey, and my best friend’s mother, who is a lesbian, can’t get married.”

And the bottom line? ““I hope at the end of the day,” JWOWW said, “he sets his personal opinions aside. There’s nothing about [gay people] that makes his day bad, makes his day different. They don’t affect him living his daily life.”

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Source: The New York Daily News