JWOWW Works Out Twice a Day at 5 Months Pregnant — She’s Barely Showing!
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JWOWW Works Out Twice a Day at 5 Months Pregnant — She’s Barely Showing!

Pregnant women tend to gain a little weight. We mean, they are growing a tiny human inside of them; a bit of extra poundage usually comes with the territory. Apparently not when you’re Jenni "JWOWW" Farley, though!

The Jersey Shore veteran is now in the fifth month of her pregnancy, and she’s barely even sporting the faintest hint of a baby bump. So how is that possible? Jenni recently spilled her secret to Life & Style, and the answer — in the great words of LMFAO — is this: “I- I- I- I work out.”

Jenni tells the mag that she’s been working out not once, but twice a day, throughout her pregnancy. "In the morning, I do 45 minutes of cardio on the TreadClimber, followed by some push-ups,” she tells the mag. “At night, I like to walk around 3 to 4 miles on the treadmill.”

Talk about intense! Just a few weeks ago, Jenni shared a photo of her pregnancy figure, and to be honest, it’s practically impossible to tell she’s pregnant at all. The reality star showed off her long, slender legs, but there was no sign of a bump at all underneath the (admittedly somewhat loose) fabric of her pink mini-dress.

"She has no bump yet,” Jenni’s bestie, Snooki, tells the mag. “She is so skinny, she doesn’t look pregnant at all!"

Are you impressed by Jenni’s super-slim pregnancy figure, or does it make you a bit worried for the health of her baby? Head below to the comments and sound off.

Source: Life & Style