JWOWW Wants Sam & Ron to “Punch Each Other In the Face” on Jersey Shore Season 6
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JWOWW Wants Sam & Ron to “Punch Each Other In the Face” on Jersey Shore Season 6

Ah, the ballad of Sammi & Ronnie. An epic saga we’ve mostly enjoyed watching, even if the rest of the Jersey Shore cast has mostly hated experiencing the on-again, off-again couple scream, throw things, and then have makeup smushing in the next room.

But heading into Season 6, it turns out that Snooki & JWOWW actually want the volatile couple to fight. JWOWW tells MTV, "We always wanted Sam and Ron to be happy and healthy together when we were in the moment, but then we look back when they were happy and healthy together, and it's boring."

With the news that Sam and Ron have gotten back together for the umpteenth time, conveniently right before filming the new season at the Shore, it looks like JWOWW might not get her wish. As we saw watching Season 5, when SamRon are together lately, it’s a pretty snoozy sight.

What JWOWW really wants is some good old-fashioned violence. She continued, "Just someone punch each other in the face! Someone entertain me!" Silly JWOWW. That’s what we have you for!

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