K. Michelle on Love and Hip Hop: I Kept the Drama Down to Protect My Brand
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K. Michelle on Love and Hip Hop: I Kept the Drama Down to Protect My Brand

There has been a lot of speculation on VH1’s Love and Hip-Hop New York (and LHHATL!) star K Michelle these days. Rumors have been flying that she was carrying her NBA ex Lance Stephenson’s baby, and she was reportedly facing a $52K tax lien, but the artist gave some scoop to Vibe Vixen as to what’s really up with her these days.

As for whether K bonded with the cast of Big Apple’s edition of Love and Hip Hop, she said she wasn’t really on it enough to even do so (although she’s mostly known for feuding anyway!).

“This really wasn’t my show, I’m really not in every episode or anything like that, I’m kinda like a special guest, in and out,” she told Vibe Vixen. “I didn’t really film with a lot of people. I wanted to keep the drama down. I let it be known to VH1 at this of my reality star career and music career I’m very funny about who I want to sit with within my brand and who’s not gonna try to fight with me to help them propel so I’ve been very funny about them.”

Perhaps she didn’t want to get too involved in LHHNY because of her own reality show, the aptly named No New Friends.

As K said, the show is “focusing on me and my first album by the time this comes out it’ll be time for my second album so you’ll probably get to see me working on my second album, my business will be open by then.”

As for the business we keep waiting to hear about, K said with a laugh, “I’m gonna talk about it soon.”

There was no word on how K is handling the split from Stephenson. Instead, it sounds like she’s focusing on her career. She said she’d love to work with Pink, calling her “feisty like me.” She’s also focusing on a Christmas album.

No break-up music for K — apparently she’ll leave that to Taylor Swift.

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Source: Vibe Vixen