K. Michelle Pokes Fun at Mimi Faust’s Sex Tape Scandal (VIDEO)
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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

K. Michelle Pokes Fun at Mimi Faust’s Sex Tape Scandal (VIDEO)

The news dropped yesterday that Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Mimi Faust and her boyfriend, Nikko, are releasing their very own sex tape and by the end of the night, Twitter and Instagram were filled to the brim with insults, jokes, and memes about the auspicious occasion. In addition to Mimi’s arch nemesis, Joseline Hernandez, slamming the raunchy flicky, Mimi’s former friend K. Michelle also chipped in her own two cents.

Yesterday, K. Michelle took to Instagram with the following video that she captioned, “I'll never wish bad on another woman, but the way those b—s in Atlanta treated me bad! I'm not perfect and I have my own skeletons, but a deserve this good laugh.

“Didn’t nobody wanna listen to me, but now she swinging, now she swinging off shower rods and s—,” K. Michelle says in an auto-tuned high-pitched voice, adding “damn daddy, he didn’t you wrong, girl.”

As you know, K. Michelle and Mimi fell out of favor during Season 2 of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta when Kay insinuated that Nikko was an opportunist who was possibly on the “down low.” Since their confrontation, Kay and Mimi have parted ways and stayed clear of each other. However, the news of Mimi’s new sex tape, Mimi & Nikko: Scandal in Atlanta (including clips of Mimi’s shower scenes), was just too good of an opportunity for K. Michelle to pass up.

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