K. Michelle Responds to Concerns That Her Attitude Is Holding Back Her Career (VIDEO)
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K. Michelle Responds to Concerns That Her Attitude Is Holding Back Her Career (VIDEO)

Reality star and R&B singer K. Michelle is pretty well known for her music, as well as her (often hilarious) sharp wit and epic public feuds. Last year, Kay has had a couple nasty run-ins with fans who claim that she’s insulted them, and a very public feud with Tamar Braxton raised several eyebrows. Though the former Love & Hip Hop star has been making serious strides to put her “bad girl” behavior behind her to focus solely on her music, many wonder whether or not its too late.

In a new online docu-series, Kay comes into contact with a reporter who asks the singer whether or not she thinks her attitude is holding her back from crossing over in the music industry. Kay’s answer?

“Well, I didn’t come in the game to be class favorite. I didn’t come in this game for people’s approval of my everyday life behavior,” Kay answered, adding, “I came in this game to shake it up a little bit, to be 100 and offer honest music. And that’s what I’ve been doing.”

The singer goes on to say that whatever she wants to sing — be it R&B or country (which is one of her favorite music genres, btw), she’s going to sing this year.

“It doesn’t matter, no one’s going to box me in a genre and no one’s going to tell me what I need to sing because of my ethnicity or because of my attitude,” she declared.

Well, there you have it!

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