K. Michelle Tells Upset Fan “Shut Up Monkey Looking Girl” — Facepalm Alert!
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K. Michelle Tells Upset Fan “Shut Up Monkey Looking Girl” — Facepalm Alert!

We can imagine how tough it must be to go from zero to hero practically overnight, but for Love and Hip Hop New York star K. Michelle, things got pretty crazy this past weekend. Apparently K. was chilling with some friends, including co-star Yandy Smith, in Harlem and denied a fan’s request to take a selfie with her — and the angry fan went postal all over Instagram.

When the former Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star posted a photo of her partying with her friends, the upset fan decided to comment and get all her aggression out.

“It must be nice to not take any pictures with your fans tonight. You come to nyc, but don’t want to take pictures with your fans?” the person said. “Thank You for letting a few happy people down tonight who were delighted to see you on their birthdays and have nothing but bad things to say about you saying no to pictures. Good luck with that.”

And to top it off, the fan said “that’s what you do” when you’re a celeb, saying, “it’s your job to take pictures and sign autographs.” Little did the fan know, but K. was reading the comments and decided to lash out as well.

“Shut up monkey looking girl,” K. Michelle started. “My job is not to take pictures but to use my voice to teach people to be better than me... If I wanna take one day to be normal with friends I don’t think that makes me a bad person. Sorry I didn’t take a picture for your Instagram, but I’m NOT sorry about wanting to just spend some me time with my friends. What people don’t understand is there’s nothing wrong about me wanting to live a normal life. I love music and my fans but that doesn’t make me a slave to society and your random picture request. I share my life so u can learn. I don't owe u anything, You should really get you a life and find you a new weave supplier.”

K. Michelle did change her tone a little bit later on in the her response, but we’re still concerned about her “monkey” comment. We’re just shaking our head, K.

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