K. Michelle’s Son Chase Says Hi to Fans on Instagram (VIDEO)
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K. Michelle’s Son Chase Says Hi to Fans on Instagram (VIDEO)

After months of telling fans that we’d get to see a lot more of her son, Chase, K. Michelle finally took to Instagram with a video of her 8-year-old kiddo. And guys, he’s every bit as funny as his reality TV star mom!

This past Sunday, the Memphis singer posted “For the first time in life Chase would like to say hello! World be very afraid he is hilarious. My heart!” along with a video of Chase introducing himself via a rap song:

Of course, what makes this video hilarious is that fact that his mother goes along for the silly ride. Oh and it doesn’t end there. Kay continued to post several other videos of her son impersonating several rappers (and doing a pretty fine job at it) including a belligerent Kanye West, rapping Lil’ Wayne, and Drake.

“This child wants to be an actor!” she captioned one of the videos.

Fans were completely floored by Chase’s spot-on impressions and praised Chase for having his mother’s sense of humor. We think this kid’s got some serious talent and we can’t wait to see what other impersonations he’s got in him when he debuts on his mother’s reality show coming to VH1 this fall!

What do you think of K. Michelle’s son, Chase, and his comical impersonations? Tell us in the comments below!

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