Kacie Boguskie Has an Exciting Bridal Announcement!
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Kacie Boguskie Has an Exciting Bridal Announcement!

It sounds like good news is coming soon from two-time Bachelor contestant Kacie Boguskie. As you probably remember, Kacie B. was rejected by Ben Flajnik after the hometown dates (“what the f--k happened?!”) then got stuck in the friend zone when she tried to connect with Sean Lowe.

Kacie is now happy in Nashville with her music producer boyfriend, Rusty Gaston. She previously discussed her relationship saying, “I have the best boyfriend in the entire world now. … And he’s a great Christian guy.”

So that leads us into Kacie’s tweet from earlier today (July 31): “#Nashvillebrides I have an exciting announcement tomorrow!! Get ready and be watching! :) #Nasvhille #brides #Fitness

Interesting! Since we know she has a great boyfriend and obviously wants to get married (otherwise why go on The Bachelor for double the heartache), should we read into the wedding part? She said Nashville brides should “be watching,” which suggests some kind of TV show. An Atlanta lady replied, “What if you're an ATL bride? Can you have an exciting announcement for us!?!?” Kacie told her, “Well... it's a local thing! But possibly it'll expand :) BUT CONGRATS!”

So, what we get from it is that it’s a local Nashville thing that could expand... It doesn’t actually sound like a wedding for Kacie (unless she feels like getting married in every state) but maybe a TV show that could expand out of the area? Whatever happens, congrats to Kacie and we’ll look forward to more news soon!

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