Should Kacy Catanzaro Join Dancing With the Stars Season 19 — With Sasha Farber?
Credit: Kacy Catanzaro on Twitter    
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Dancing With The Stars

Should Kacy Catanzaro Join Dancing With the Stars Season 19 — With Sasha Farber?

Dancing With the Stars Season 19 is coming our way on Monday, September 15. The fall 2014 cast probably won’t be released for another month, but The Powers That Be are out there, making their calls, seeing who might be a good fit, etc. One star that several fans — and at least one pro — think would be a good match for DWTS is gymnast Kacy Catanzaro. "The Mighty Kacy," age 24, recently made headlines as the first woman to qualify for the finals of American Ninja Warrior.

DWTS pro Sasha Farber tweeted his support for Kacy as the 5-foot-tall, 100 lb. athlete crushed the course like a boss. Sasha also added, "I think @KacyCatanzaro should do @DancingABC :p" Kacy replied, "I have gotten that from a lot of people! Lol"

Several fans supported the idea and one even created this cute little promo photo for the pair:

What do you think? Kacy has a lot of new admirers after her impressive July feat (which earned itself more than 8 million views on YouTube), so the timing might be good for her to segue onto the dance floor. Gymnasts have done well on this show (hello, Shawn Johnson!) and there’s no question Kacy has the strength and endurance to keep up with the DWTS pace. She’s also pretty hot — which isn’t a requirement on the show, but it can’t hurt.

Should ABC save a space for Kacy & Sasha on Season 19? Share your thoughts below!

Sources: Sasha on Twitter, Kacy on Twitter

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