Kailyn Lowry Shares More Details on Lux\'s Name — Plus, What\'s His Last Name? (UPDATE)
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Kailyn Lowry

Kailyn Lowry Shares More Details on Lux’s Name — Plus, What’s His Last Name? (UPDATE)


Original story (10/2/17 at 8:47 a.m.):

It's been a week since Kailyn Lowry officially announced the name of her third son, and now, she's spilling even more on baby no. 3's moniker.

In a new interview, the Teen Mom 2 star reveals why she settled on Lux Russell — plus, reveals whether the baby has her last name or his dad's on his birth certificate!

The 25-year-old says it took her so long — eight weeks, to be exact — to name her son because she was waiting for his father, Chris Lopez, to agree on a name.

But finally, she gave up and picked a moniker on her own.


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"I was trying to work with Chris to agree on the name,” Kail tells The Ashley.

“But we just couldn’t agree. Until we ended things [between us] for good and I decided I would just pick something I loved and he agreed to the first name [we picked] prior to me deciding it would be the name for sure.”

"Lux is different but not completely off the wall," she adds of her son's first name, admitting Christian was a top contender for a while.

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As for his middle name, Russell, that's a nod to hip hop star Russell Vitale. Kail's older two sons are named after her favorite artists, too — Isaac is in honor of Isaac Hanson and Lincoln's middle name, Marshall, is a tribute to Eminem!

As for the little guy's last name...

Unlike his big brothers, Lux has his mom's last name, Lowry — his official legal name is Lux Russell Lowry.



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The Hustle & Heart author admits she's not sure how Chris will feel knowing his son didn't take his last name, but we're sure she (and we) will find out soon!

For more on baby Lux's moniker, keep clicking through!

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Original story (10/2/17 at 8:47 a.m.):

After two long months and one fakeout, Kailyn Lowry has finally named her baby.

The Teen Mom 2 star welcomed her third son, referred to up until this point as Baby Lo, eight weeks ago, but had said she hadn't yet chosen a name because the names she thought she liked didn't suit him.

But at last, the little guy has a moniker — and we can all sleep better at night knowing this.

As Wetpaint reported, the 25-year-old welcomed her third son on August 5 at 3 a.m. She shared pics of her newborn, her birth story, and details on baby daddy Chris Lopez's involvement pretty quickly, but the name announcement never came.

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Now, however, Isaac and Lincoln's little bro has a moniker all his known — and it's as unique as you'd probably expected.

The Hustle & Heart author hopped on Instagram late on October 1 for the big reveal — the little cutie's name is Lux Russell.

"It only took us 7 weeks to decide [on] a name and 8 weeks to make it official," she joked in the caption, also shouting out the brand that gifted her with that adorable personalized blanket.

Kail revealed while she was pregnant that she was contemplating last names as first names like Murphy, Griffin, and Ripken, so we'll be honest — we weren't expecting this one at all!

The Delaware State University grad provided a little bit more context about the chosen name in the comments, saying it's pronounced like "lucks."

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Fans were mixed on what they thought of the final choice, with some saying it's cute, others saying it's a girl's moniker, and a few more saying it's pretty much terrible.

But all that matters is that Kail and Chris like it, right? But what remains to be seen is if Lux will be given his mom's last name or his dad's...

The mom of three, who split from her baby daddy shortly after her pregnancy reveal, hasn't shared the baby's last name publicly — it'll either be Lowry, her name, or Lopez, Chris's surname, but either way, the baby's initials will be LRL.

The reality star's other two sons took their dad's last names, Rivera and Marroquin respectively, so it'll be interesting what route she goes with for baby no. 3!


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Meanwhile, it still remains to be seen what (or who) exactly inspired Lux's unique moniker. Kailyn has said that she named her 7-year-old son, Isaac, after Isaac Hanson and Lincoln, 3, was given the middle name Marshall as a nod to her favorite rapper, Eminem.


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We can't think of any celebrities, male or female, named Lux, but maybe Kail is a huge fan of... the Grand Lux Cafe?

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