Just Kidding, Kailyn Lowry Hasn\'t Actually Named Her Son After All (UPDATE)
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Kailyn Lowry

Just Kidding, Kailyn Lowry Hasn’t Actually Named Her Son After All (UPDATE)


UPDATE (9/13/2017 at 10:20 a.m. ET):

Sorry to break it to you folks who were really loving Murphy Nixon, but that is not the name of Kailyn Lowry's baby.

A photo surfaced on Twitter yesterday which made it seem like the Teen Mom 2 star had finally revealed her one-month-old son's name.

But don't be fooled!

Kail revealed in this tweet that it's just a hoax, saying "not at all" with the laughing crying emoji when asked if that is the baby's name.

Teen Mom fans do love some good Photoshop trickery so thanks, Photoshop experts, for ruining this for the rest of us.

Read on for more on the baby's supposed name, why she's taking so long to pick one, and more!


UPDATE (9/13/2017 at 10:20 a.m. ET):

He's one month and eight days old, and he has a name at last.

Kailyn Lowry has officially (and finally) announced the moniker she and ex Chris Lopez have chosen for their son, referred to up until this point as "Baby Lo."

Any guesses?

Drumroll please...his name is Murphy Nixon, the Teen Mom 2 star revealed via Snapchat on September 13.


The mom of three had said she liked last names as first names — much like co-star Chelsea Houska, whose son's name is Watson — and it looks like she went that route for both his first and middle names!

Read on for more on why Kailyn took so long to name her baby, what his last name might be, and more.

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Original story (8/7/2017 at 10:20 a.m. ET):

Kailyn Lowry has been brainstorming baby names since a few weeks after she announced she was expecting her third child. But now that he’s finally here, she’s still having a hard time coming up with a name!

The Teen Mom 2 star welcomed her third son, whose father is ex-boyfriend Chris Lopez, on Saturday, August 5.

And as happy as the new mama is to have completed her family, she might not be completing the birth certificate anytime soon...

The 25-year-old revealed via Twitter over the weekend that she had her baby boy, making her a “mother of boys.” She already has two older sons Isaac, 7, and Lincoln, 3.

But her follow-up tweet proved she still doesn’t have a name for him, despite her months of pondering. Oops!

The mom of three has, however, hinted throughout her pregnancy at a few monikers she’s considering, most recently asking fans which of these four boy names they like the best:

Griffin seems to be in the lead, so don’t be surprised if that’s the name she ends up going with!

We’re getting serious Nathan Griffith vibes...


However, what’s most confusing is which last name she’ll give her son.

She’s called her unborn child “Baby Lo” throughout the last nine months, “Lo” referring to either “little one,” Lowry, her last name, or Lopez, her baby daddy’s.


But since Chris won’t have a huge presence in the baby’s life — it’s still unknown if he was around to witness the birth — we wouldn’t be too shocked if Baby Lo legally became Baby Lowry.

Her two other sons have their dads’ last names, Rivera and Marroquin respectively, but the situation is just a little bit different here since baby daddy no. 3 won’t have the same role in his son’s life as Jo and Javi do in theirs.


But as Kail found out a few weeks before delivery, she has up to 60 days to fill out her child’s birth certificate and officially decide on a name — three names actually, as she needs the first, middle and last — so let’s start the clock!

And BTW, stay tuned to Wetpaint to find out what Kail names the little guy — we’ll update this post as soon as we know!


What should Kailyn name baby boy number three? Do you think she’ll give the baby her last name or Chris’s? Tell us in the comments!

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