Kailyn Lowry And Rumored Beau DJ Cephas Clarify Relationship Status, Bedroom Snap
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Kailyn Lowry

Kailyn Lowry And Rumored Beau DJ Cephas Clarify Relationship Status, Bedroom Snap


For some reason, people on the internet are still talking about that Snapchat photo Kailyn Lowry posted of herself and a guy who’s not her baby daddy in bed together. It’s been almost a week, guys!

But the Teen Mom 2 star and the mystery guy in question are quashing rumors once and for all about their relationship status and explaining what really led to that scandalous-looking social media pic.


But first, a little background. When the pregnant star was in Los Angeles for the MTV Movie & TV Awards last weekend, she posted a selfie of herself and a guy, later identified as DJ Cephas, hanging out in bed in her hotel room.


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The two were also spotted out and about in the City of Angels together the very next day.

As we know with reality TV stars, it’s basically a given that any guy they’re photographed with is their new romantic interest, but turns out Kail and DJ are keeping it platonic.

“Kail and I are just friends,” DJ tells The Dirty. “We are not dating.”

“I have a lot of respect for her. I think she admires the fact that I find positivity in any circumstance.”


Okay, but what about that photo!?

DJ insists they weren’t being “intimate” despite the sexy-looking pic and it’s way more innocent than it seems.

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“The picture of us in bed did not mean anything. Everyone was under the impression that we were being intimate and that wasn’t the case.”

He continues, “As far as people trying to control how she lives her life really baffles me. Who are they to say what someone else should be doing with their life? Everyone is human.”

The 25-year-old, meanwhile, seconds her pal’s sentiments, saying they are “just friends.” However, she enjoys his company because “he’s a good person with good energy, which is what I want to be around.”

Someone should tell baby daddies number 2 and 3, Javi Marroquin and Chris Lopez, this news, because both dudes did not seem too thrilled when the pic first made its way online:

Then again, Javi has said he’s moving on and is ready to date. Meanwhile, Chris was spotted in some random girl’s bedroom selfie, too, so let’s hope there’s no judgment.

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Do you think Kail and DJ are just friends? Or will they turn things romantic maybe after she has her third child this summer? Share your thoughts!

Teen Mom 2 returns later this year to MTV.