Kailyn Lowry Experiences Bias For Having Biracial Kids
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Kailyn Lowry

Kailyn Lowry Experiences Bias For Having Biracial Kids

Teen Mom 2's Kailyn Lowry has been married to her hunky Air Man husband, Javi Marroquin, for almost two years now, and they just gave birth to the world's most adorable child, Lincoln Marshall Marroquin!

Lil' Linc is the perfect combination of his parents, which also happens to mean that he's biracial. Yep, Javi's family hails from Guatemala! Meanwhile, Kailyn also has an awesome son named Isaac Rivera, who's half Puerto Rican thanks to his father Jo Rivera's side of the family.

Kailyn's made an effort to learn Spanish in order to better connect with both Jo and Javi's families, but she's often felt judged for being in an interracial relationship and having biracial children.

"After seeing racism first hand being in an interracial marriage, I have made it a personal mission to make everybody equal no matter their size, shape, color or creed," Kailyn tells MTV's "Look Different" campaign.

"I have tried to bring awareness to equality and would like to continue to make noise in an effort to erase racism/sexism and anything else ‘Look Different’ fights for. Whether we look different or love different, we’re all people.”

Kailyn opened up more about her experiences with racism on Twitter, saying she responds to it "by educating those who are genuinely misinformed & ignoring those who only speak out of pure ignorance."

Kailyn also explained that she hopes uninformed people will learn to be more open-minded, adding, "I hope more people see that race doesn't matter when it comes to love. Two people in love should be beautiful no matter what."

It's shocking to hear that Kailyn and her children have experienced racism, but props to her for tackling the issue first hand by being open, honest, and unafraid to speak her mind!

Source: OK! Magazine