Kailyn Lowry Fights Back Against “Team Jo” Fans on Twitter
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Kailyn Lowry

Kailyn Lowry Fights Back Against “Team Jo” Fans on Twitter

Kailyn Lowry has always been extremely open about her custody agreement with Jo Rivera, but you know what happens when Teen Mom 2 stars share too much information about their personal lives? Haters start hating.

Kail and Jo went to court to figure out their custody arrangement, which is as follows: Jo gets Isaac Wednesday through Sunday during the first week of the month. He doesn't get to see Isaac during the second week, but Jo gets him back Tuesday through Sunday during the third week. Isaac then goes back to Kailyn for the remainder of the month. Seems fair enough!

What’s important to note is that Kailyn and Jo have both learned to respect each other's time with Isaac. But guys? That doesn't stop fans from airing their grievances on Twitter. Take Kailyn's wedding, for example. This gal wanted a little alone time with her new hubby, Javi Marroquin, after the nuptials, so she asked Javi's family to hang out with Isaac for the day.

Sounds pretty reasonable, but apparently some fans think Jo should have access to Isaac whenever Kailyn isn't with him! Oh, and they think she should have hauled her kiddo over to New Jersey on her wedding day so Isaac could see his dad. Girlfriend's response?

"We all stayed in Philly for the night for the wedding. And Jo lives in NJ. That was my weekend," Kailyn explained. She then added, "Wtf? He stayed with my in laws for the day then we all went home. You clearly don't know how TV works."

Even if Isaac had stayed a couple nights with Javi's parents, it really shouldn't matter. After all, this is Kailyn's court-appointed time with Isaac — if she wants her son to bond with his grandparents, that's her call!

Do you think Kailyn was right to leave Isaac with her in-laws, or do her fans have a point? Weigh in below.