Watch Isaac Rivera Make Baby Lincoln Laugh! (VIDEO)
Credit: Kailyn Lowry on Instagram    

Kailyn Lowry

Watch Isaac Rivera Make Baby Lincoln Laugh! (VIDEO)

In the mood to explode from cuteness overload? Then sit back, relax, and check out this freakishly adorable video of Kailyn Lowry's children, Teen Mom 2 mini-stars Isaac Rivera and Lincoln Marroquin. These little ones have only been in each other's worlds for a few months now, but they're basically BBFL (best bros for life) and it looks like Isaac is pretty much the most wonderful brother Lincoln could ask for.

In this cute Instavid courtesy of Kailyn's husband, Javi Marroquin, Isaac repeatedly tells Lincoln, "I love ya," while Linc giggles excitedly at his big bro. Two words: our ovaries. We're basically dying from how cute this moment between Isaac and Lincoln is, so we can't even imagine how much it must have meant to Kailyn and Javi.

Those of you who watched the Teen Mom 2 finale know just how hard it was for this new mom to balance raising a "big kid" and a newborn, but it looks like Isaac has adjusted really well to having a sibling!

With any luck, Teen Mom 2 will be renewed for an additional sixth season so fans get to swoon over even more footage of Isaac and Lincoln bonding up a storm. And who knows? Maybe Kailyn and Javi will realize that they make flawless children and pop out a few more babies for us to fawn over next season. A fan-girl can dream!

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Source: Instagram