Kailyn Lowry Says Jo Rivera Violated Their Custody Agreement
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Kailyn Lowry Says Jo Rivera Violated Their Custody Agreement

Kailyn Lowry is 100 percent over her baby daddy, Jo Rivera, but these two still have to be in touch thanks to their adorable kiddo, Isaac. Kailyn and Jo have a pretty successful co parenting relationship all things considered, but one source of contention that just won't ease up? Jo's girlfriend, Vee Torres.

Kailyn has been uncomfortable with Vee's presence in Isaac's life ever since she started dating Jo, and it looks like their relationship has taken a turn for the worse. Despite the fact that Kailyn is no longer jealous of Jo and Vee's relationship, she was upset to find out from Isaac that Vee had moved into Jo's house.

"Actually Isaac told me last week that Vee moved in," Kailyn exclusively told Wetpaint Entertainment editor Lindsay Dreyer. "There's a little bit of drama with that."

While Kailyn says that she trusts Jo's decision-making skills, it would have been nice if this dude had told her that Vee was moving in. After all, Kailyn should get a say in who takes care of her son!

Some fans seem to think that Jo shouldn't have to keep Kailyn in the loop when it comes to his dating life, but Kailyn took it to Twitter to explain that his actions are a violation of their custody agreement. "Actually, that's something huge and a requirement in our custody agreement," she said.

Sounds like Jo has some explaining to do! While we doubt Kailyn would go so far as to insist that Vee not move in, Jo definitely should have told her about his plans. Then again, he was probably too busy penning groundbreaking rap lyrics. They don't call him Nerd In A Cool Kid's Body for nothing.