What’s Kailyn Lowry’s Key Advice to Avoiding Teen Pregnancy?
Credit: Kailyn Lowry on Instagram    

Kailyn Lowry

What’s Kailyn Lowry’s Key Advice to Avoiding Teen Pregnancy?

Teen pregnancy might be on the decline, but every year there are a staggering amount of sweet sixteenagers who end up dealing with unplanned pregnancies.

No one knows how challenging it is to be thrust into motherhood at such a young age than the ladies of Teen Mom, Teen Mom 2, and Teen Mom 3. Now, each of these mamas are 100 percent committed to teaching bright young things how to practice safe sex and avoid unwanted pregnancies!

For Teen Mom 2's Kailyn Lowry’s part, she’s all about sparing as many teens as she can from the life-changing ordeal that is young motherhood, and her latest suggestion?

Forming strong friendships and buckling down in school. "Did you know? Teens who are more involved with school and their friends are less likely to become teen parents!" Kailyn posted to Instagram along with a selfie with her bestie and son, Lincoln Marshall Marroquin.

"As we are getting back to school I want to remind you to get more involved, don't make the same choices I did." Wise words right there, home girl! Way to send your fans back to school with some stellar guidance.

Do you agree with Kailyn's solid advice? She definitely speaks from experience, that's for sure! Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!