How Old Is Kailyn Lowry’s Son Lincoln Now?
Credit: Kailyn Lowry on Instagram    

Kailyn Lowry

How Old Is Kailyn Lowry’s Son Lincoln Now?

Can you believe it's been a whopping six months since Kailyn Lowry popped out baby Lincoln Marshall Marroquin? This kiddo has been lighting up our lives ever since his arrival on November 16, and he's currently one of the most adored members of the Teen Mom 2 family!

While Kailyn and her husband, Javi Marroquin, celebrate all of Linc's monthly birthdays, this is a particularly special occasion because Lil' Linc is half-a-year old! In just six more months he'll be walking, saying his first words, and probably watching himself on MTV. Sigh, we can't wait for him to start forming sentences so he can ask Javi to explain his robotic arm tattoo to everyone...

In honor of Lincoln's half-birthday, let's take a walk down memory lane, shall we? This little dude's mom hasn't had it easy since giving birth thanks to sleepless nights, but she'll never forget Lincoln's first smile, his first laugh, the first time he rolled over, or the moment he finally got the hang of breastfeeding. Sob, memories — what a champ!

How will you be celebrating Lincoln's half-birthday? Because we'll be binge eating cookies, and eating our emotions in the form of even more cookies. YOLO.

Source: Kailyn Lowry on Instagram