Kailyn Lowry Gets Sexy New Car Amid Javi Marroquin Divorce (PHOTOS)
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Kailyn Lowry

Kailyn Lowry Gets Sexy New Car Amid Javi Marroquin Divorce (PHOTOS)


Kailyn Lowry has a sweet new ride!

The Teen Mom 2 star is currently in the midst of divorcing her husband, Javi Marroquin, who’s only been home from deployment for a week.

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But so much has happened in seven days already — Javi’s purchased and moved into his own place, for one — so we can’t say we’re too shocked Kail is moving forward with a few changes of her own.

In a series of photos posted to social media, Isaac and Lincoln’s mama reveals she is now the proud owner of a brand spankin’ new white BMW X-Series, aka her new "baby."


This tweet from Kail’s friend Kristen even shows her driving her new purchase off the lot!

And though it at first seemed like the 24-year-old traded in her Chevy Suburban for the fancier ride, Starcasm reports she needed a new car since the Suburban went to Javi, who posted the below photo on Snapchat of the white truck in the driveway of his new home.

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We guess the couple is beginning to divvy up their stuff in the split, and since Kail gets to keep the house, Javi gets the vehicle. That sounds fair enough, right?

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Hopefully figuring out the custody situation for the boys will be just as easy. But speaking of the kiddos, Kail makes sure to explain that despite the changes going on in her life right now and the “s—t I’m dealing with, I’m a mother first.”