Is Kailyn Lowry Still in Touch With Her Mom After Teen Mom 2 Reunion?
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Kailyn Lowry

Is Kailyn Lowry Still in Touch With Her Mom After Teen Mom 2 Reunion?

Anyone else shocked to see a familiar face during this week's dramatic episode of Teen Mom 2? Naturally, we're talking about Kailyn Lowry's mom, Suzi, who showed up to meet Kailyn's baby and dish some worldly wisdom about motherhood and marriage.

It was great watching Kailyn and her mom bond, but let's not forget that these two have a pretty rocky relationship.

Unfortunately, Suzi suffers from substance abuse issues, and Kailyn's cut her out of her life more times than we can count. But are these two back on track and mending their mother-daughter bond?

Not so much. A fan asked Kailyn if she and Suzi are still in touch (note: this episode was filmed about five months ago), and her response? "No. She's a drunk."

This news is sad, but not exactly surprising. Kailyn didn't invite Suzi to her wedding, and back in 2012, she exclusively told Wetpaint Entertainment that she doesn't want her mom to be involved in her life.

"As brutal as it sounds, my mom is dead to me," Kailyn said at the time. "I don't have any intentions of talking to her, reconciling, she's done nothing for me my entire life. Why would I want to give her a part of one of the most important times in my life?"

Kailyn also opened up about their relationship in her memoir, Pride Over Pity, saying "I remember being dropped off at friends’ houses and sometimes not getting a phone call for what seemed like days. In those times, when she would disappear for days without warning, I’d wonder if I would ever see her again.”

Kailyn and Suzi obviously share a bond despite their troubled past, so hopefully Suzi can conquer her demons and be there for her daughter.

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