Kailyn Lowry Hires a Personal Trainer — Who Is It?
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Kailyn Lowry

Kailyn Lowry Hires a Personal Trainer — Who Is It?

Kailyn Lowry is back at the grind! This Teen Mom 2 star gave birth to her second son, Lincoln Marshall Marroquin, in November — and despite the fact that she's dropped tons of baby weight, home girl wants to get in shape.

Kailyn's been eating well, going to the gym regularly and breastfeeding (which burns up to 500 calories a day), but it looks like girlfriend is taking things up a notch...

You guessed it, Kailyn's hired a personal trainer to whip her into shape, and she took to Twitter to announce her month-long game plan! "Tomorrow starts day 1 of my personal 30 day challenge with @Mrbfit," Kailyn tweeted on June 30.

And if you're wondering who this elusive Mr. BFit is, he's only the leading personal trainer in the Delaware area! It goes without saying that this dude can't wait to work with Kailyn, and enthusiastically tweeted back, "Yes my friend. We got this! Tuesday is day 1 of a carefully planned journey. Lets conquer this together #fitness."

Um, why don't we have a Mr. BFit in our lives? This dude is clearly the best due to his carefree use of expressions like "Yes, my friend," and we want nothing more than for him to yell at us while we do pushups.

How much weight do you think Kailyn will drop during her 30-day challenge? This gal already looks amazing at her current size, but we can't wait to see where her fitness journey takes her!