Kailyn Lowry Posts Photo of Herself Breastfeeding — Is It TMI?
Credit: Kailyn Lowry on Instagram    

Kailyn Lowry

Kailyn Lowry Posts Photo of Herself Breastfeeding — Is It TMI?

Teen Mom 2's Kailyn Lowry has always been an amazing mom, but she's taken things to a whole new level of caring and devotion with her latest addition, Lincoln Marshal Marroquin. Lil' Linc was born back in November, and Kailyn's been singularly focused on his health and happiness ever since — especially when it comes to his nutrition.

Despite not being able to breastfeed her first son, Isaac, Kailyn is 100 percent committed to breastfeeding Linc — and not only for the bonding experience. Breast milk is extremely healthy for infants; it boosts their immune system, and can even prevent them from getting sick!

Sure, nursing hasn't always been easy for Kailyn (she even ate lactation cookies to increase her supply!), but this reality star knows just how important breastfeeding is, and recently took to Twitter with a photo of Lincoln enjoying a mid-day snack. And yep, said photo definitely includes Kailyn's lovely lady lumps!

"Perfect!" the MTV star posted to Instagram along with the pic. "I find more and more people don't truly know what breastmilk can do. Breastmilk can saves lives yet people are so turned off by breastfeeding. Thank you Ashley for capturing this. I love it so much."

You might think this photo is slightly NSFW, but it's super important that images like this normalize breastfeeding. There's nothing more natural in the world!

"It's not just breast milk, it's MIRACLE MILK," Kailyn posted to Instagram along with a picture of her family on the Miracle Milk Stroll. "Before you judge someone for how they are breastfeeding look up how great breastmilk is and what it can do for people and babies. It may change your outlook…"

We couldn't have said it better ourselves! "Whether you want to see it or not, babies have to eat," Kailyn continued. "Either look away or accept the fact that, just like you, a baby may not want to have his/her face covered while eating."

Do you agree with Kailyn's inspirational message? We think it's great that she's encouraging other breastfeeding moms not to hold back, but take it to the comments and let us know how you feel!