Teen Mom 2

Kailyn Lowry Tries to Reconcile with Jo and Vee — But Gets Shot Down! (VIDEO)

Teen Mom 2 was all-new last night, which means we spent the majority of our evening sobbing happy-tears. The episode was definitely dramatic, but one of the most shocking moments was when Kailyn Lowry overcame her issues with Jo Rivera and his gal pal, Vee Torres, and invited them to Isaac's fourth birthday party.

"I don't want to fight with you and Vee anymore, I have friends that get along with their exes and significant others, and I kinda want to be at that point," Kailyn told Jo over the phone. "So if you and Vee want to come to Isaac's birthday party that we're having here, you can."

Unfortunately, Jo and Vee decided not to attend Isaac's birthday at Kailyn's house — their rationale being that they'd had a party for him of their own.

Hmm...While it's easy to understand why Jo and Vee wanted to avoid an awkward situation, Isaac would have loved having both his parents around to celebrate his birthday. Hopefully, these two can learn to be in the same room as each other so that Isaac can grow up with one big, happy, blended family!

Do you think Jo and Vee should have made an appearance at Isaac's party? Let us know below!

Source: OK! Magazine