Kailyn Lowry on Teen Mom 2 Season 5B — What Can We Expect? — Exclusive
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Kailyn Lowry on Teen Mom 2 Season 5B — What Can We Expect? — Exclusive

Teen Mom 2 Season 5B is just weeks away (mark your calendars for July 16, y'all!), and we can't wait to catch up with reality television's most dramatic group of ladies with babies. All the Teen Mom 2 stars will go through their fair share of emotional experiences this season, but we're especially excited for Kailyn Lowry's storyline.

Wetpaint Entertainment had the chance to chat with Kailyn about what we can expect from MTV's upcoming season of Teen Mom 2, as well as what it's like raising a baby on camera, and the status of her somewhat dramatic relationship with husband, Javi Marroquin.

What can viewers expect in your Teen Mom 2 Season 5B storyline?

They can expect to see how my relationship is with my mom, and they can also expect to see some of the stuff that goes on between Javi and I with Jo [Rivera] and Vee [Torres].

In the trailer, you tell Javi that you both feel unhappy in your marriage. Why?

Well, I definitely think us being unhappy in our marriage was only one-sided, and that was my part because I just didn’t know how to express to Javi what I needed, when I needed it. He didn’t know how to interact with Lincoln being so young, and I breastfeed so he couldn’t really help me very much with that.

It was just really hard. Even if it wasn’t directly related to having the baby or having the two kids, it was in some way stress from having a newborn. But I’m happy to say that we are fine now, and we made it through all of that.

We also see you dealing with balancing both a newborn and a toddler? What were some of the hardships?

It was really hard to have a newborn basically attached to me all day with breastfeeding. Then being up every two hours at night, and having to pull myself together [to] get Isaac to school on time. Isaac needs me to do other things for him while I have my hands full with Lincoln, so it was just a really hard balance [and] learning to juggle both of them.

What was it like having a camera crew with you when you came home with a newborn?

Well most people, I think, have a misunderstanding about filming. They think it’s just so fun and it’s no big deal, but when you have a newborn and it’s already so much stress surrounding it, bringing the baby home and re-adjusting to life in a different way [is hard].

Getting frustrated with having the cameras there can be really, really hard and emotional. I can barely pull myself out of bed and I have cameras documenting it. But I’m actually happy to have them come because I’m able to look back and kind of see how I dealt with things as Lincoln was brand new, and if in the future I’ll know what to do differently.

How has Isaac adapted to having the cameras around him again?

We never really stopped filming, so we never really gotten too much time without them. Some of the crew that comes on a regular basis, he really likes to hang out with them. And if they’re not there the one time, he’ll ask, ‘Where’s so-and-so?' So I don’t think he minds it very much right now.

Aside from your story on Teen Mom, which of other castmates are you excited to watch?

I’m excited for Jenelle [Evans] to have a new baby. I’m excited to see how that goes for her, and if there is anything that I can learn from her having two kids, and [her] communication with Nathan [Griffith].

Then I’m hoping that everything is good with Leah [Messer] and the twins. I’m hoping that all the girls are doing great, so I’m excited to see what’s going on with them. I haven’t been able to keep up with them too much.

Don’t miss the premiere of Teen Mom 2 Season 5B on Wednesday, July 16 at 10 p.m. ET on MTV.

Additional reporting by Josephine Cusumano