How Did Kailyn Lowry Get Through Lincoln’s Breastfeeding Strike?
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Kailyn Lowry

How Did Kailyn Lowry Get Through Lincoln’s Breastfeeding Strike?

Kailyn Lowry is 100 percent committed to three things: Her family, her collection of Scentsy candles (they're wickless, guys! Wickless!), and breastfeeding.

This Teen Mom 2 star has been nursing her new baby, Lincoln Marshall Marroquin, since he made his triumphant debut last November — but it hasn't been easy.

Kailyn's run into more than a few issues breastfeeding her little man, and this week on Teen Mom 2 we saw her deal with Lincoln's inexplicable nursing strike. One day he was feeding with no problems, and the next? Nada.

Kailyn voiced her frustration with Lincoln's disinterest to her mother, but many fans are wondering how she got over the hump. Is she still nursing Lil' Linc, or was she forced to give up?

Well, if there's one thing we know about Kailyn, it's that she's all about perseverance. She most definitely worked through her issues — with the help of a professional, no less. "I saw a lactation peer counselor!!" Kailyn tweeted to a curious fan. "Best decision!"

This gal also confirmed that she "never stopped" breastfeeding, and has been going strong for a full nine months. Way to go, lady!

Are you impressed by Kailyn's drive and determination to overcome obstacles? Let us know if you've had a similar experience with nursing down in the comments.