Credit: MTV Photo: Kailyn Lowry and Jo Rivera in Teen Mom 2 Season 4, Episode 3

Teen Mom 2's Kailyn Lowry is due to pop any day now! No seriously, this girl's 10-month-baby bump is so huge that we're worried she's going to explode. While Kailyn hasn't told fans her exact due date, she's made it clear that she wants kiddo number two to make his or her triumphant debut ASAP –– and she's more than prepared!

“Kailyn and Javi have already gotten the nursery painted, put the crib together, and washed all the baby stuff,” a source close to Kailyn tells RadarOnline. “Kailyn has also gotten prenatal massages and is trying to rest as much as possible.”

This gal plans on breastfeeding her little one, which means she'll have to keep her calorie intake up even after she's delivered. “Kailyn doesn’t have a plan right now for losing baby weight. She just plans to go with everything day by day," the source says. “She’s heard nursing helps a lot – and once she’s feeling up to it, she will be back in the gym.”

Ah, the gym. A foreign land that we have been to approximately never.

In other news, Kailyn's baby daddy, Jo Rivera, has yet to comment on the bun in her oven.  “Jo hasn’t said anything about her pregnancy,” the source confirms. “They don’t talk about it, and Kailyn probably wouldn’t feel comfortable if he tried to talk to her about it.”

Good, awkward times. Are you surprised that Jo hasn't offered his support to Kailyn? After all, her pregnancy is having a huge impact on their son Isaac's life!

Source: RadarOnline