Credit: Instagram

It's official: Kailyn Lowry is the best mom ever. Sure, this Teen Mom 2 star had her kids at a super young age, but that doesn't mean she isn't an amazing parent. Kailyn is dedicated to both her children, and she's all about breast feeding her newest addition, Baby Lincoln, to ensure that he gets the best nutrients available!

Kailyn was only able to nurse her first son, Isaac, for about a month, but she's had an easier time breastfeeding Lil' Linc — though girlfriend's definitely had to make some sacrifices along the way. Apparently, Lincoln refuses to sleep in his own bedroom, which means he's rooming with his mommy!

"Isaac slept in his own room from day 1 home from the hospital, never had an issue," Kailyn tweeted on January 4. "But Lincoln will not sleep in his own room…"

So, where does that leave Kailyn's husband, Javi Marroquin? The couch, natch!

"I kicked Javi to the couch so Lincoln could sleep here. Haha," Kailyn told a fan.

Before you feel too bad for Javi, keep in mind that his couch is like a fluffy cloud from heaven. That thing is basically a queen sized bed in its own right, so we doubt this Air Man is complaining too much about his temporary digs. Plus, in just a few months, Lincoln will be sleeping through the night and Javi will be allowed back in the bedroom!

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