Credit: Instagram

Kailyn Lowry's arm is like a coat of many colors made out of spiders, roses, and terrifying skulls. It's no secret that this Teen Mom 2 star is a huge fan of tattoos, and she's been working on her full-sleeve ever since popping out her second kiddo a few months ago. The results? Pirate-themed, to be honest.

Credit: Instagram

Kailyn's sleeve has been a long time in the making, and definitely has a nautical theme. She started the sleeve back in 2012 by inking a skull wearing a hat made out of spiderwebs, roses, and some traumatized butterflies (the spiders will surely eat them!), and then hit the tattoo parlor in 2013 to add a ship's wheel, another skull (because why not, right?), some chains, and — most recently — a giant human heart with a bomb attached to it.

Of course, there's still more work to be done, and Kailyn hit up Sick Ink Studios for yet another addition to her sleeve, this time penning a giant compass on her forearm. "Little by little! Full sleeve!" Kailyn posted to Instagram along with a photo of her tat. "Next appt Philly convention!"

We're huge fans of Kailyn's tattoos, but not gonna lie — we're extremely disappointed that she hasn't pulled an Amber Portwood and tattooed a giant photo of Lincoln's face on her stomach. Or at the very least a portrait of her French Bulldog, Gizmo. That little dude deserves to be immortalized for the rest of time.

What do you think of Kailyn's newest tattoo: awesome and nautical, or iffy and vaguely creepy? Hit the comments!