Credit: Instagram

Kailyn Lowry made the bold decision to air her life on television when she signed up for MTV's 16 and Pregnant, and this Teen Mom 2 star has been stealing the spotlight ever since. Fans have been keeping up with Kailyn and her family for more than four years, and were right there with her through good times and bad. Not only have we seen Kailyn fall out of love with her baby daddy, get married to a new man (looking at you, Javi Marroquin) and go to school, we've seen her raise her son, Isaac Rivera.

Credit: Instagram

Isaac has been in the limelight since his infancy, and even when Teen Mom 2 is off-season, fans keep up with this kiddo through social media. Plus, let's not forget about Kailyn's newest addition, baby Lincoln, who's totally Twitter-famous for his cuteness.

It's great that fans are able to keep up with Kailyn's family through Teen Mom 2 and Twitter, but is this blonde bombshell worried that fame will be detrimental to her children once they're old enough to realize what's going on?

"I think about this from time to time," she admittedadding, "But pretty soon it'll all be over and I think people will slowly not be able to not recognize the kids."

Um, wait. Teen Mom 2 will be "over" pretty soon? Say it ain't so! We can't imagine life without this amazing reality show, but it's probably about time Kailyn and her fellow starlets get a break from being in the public eye so they can raise their children in private.

Do you think Isaac and Lincoln would be better off if they weren't in the spotlight? Sound off below!