Kalenna Harper Reveals What Sex She’d Like the Baby to Be!
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Kalenna Harper Reveals What Sex She’d Like the Baby to Be!

Season 3 newcomer Kalenna Harper suffered a scare for her unborn child on last night’s episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta (“Loss For Love”) when doctors told her that her pregnancy test showed signs of being problematic. Luckily, everything turned out OK for the expectant mother, and now Kalenna’s already thinking about what she wants to name her newest bundle and whether she wants a boy or a girl.

While chatting with VH1, the mom of one dished, “Of course, I want a little girl and that would definitely make my life totally complete but I’m definitely not pressed for anything but a healthy baby at this point.” Aww! Kalenna went on to say so long as the baby has “10 fingers, 10 toes and no health issues and I’m straight.”

Of course, you can’t talk babies without talking baby names, and it appears that Kalenna, whose baby isn’t due until Christmas Day, 2014, already has names in mind.

“If it’s a girl I want to name her Savannah Elise and if it’s a boy I want to name him Noah. Those names mean so much to me,” she said, adding, “ My cousin recently passed and her name was Elise. Savannah has always been a beautiful place to visit with so much history there. It reminds me of a princess name. And of course Noah, we all know the story of Noah. He was just a G.”

Kalenna also revealed a bit of news about her first kiddo with husband Tony, Meshach, who is now living with the couple.

“Meshach‘s home now. He started school this semester. It’s a real thing because I’ve been on the road and performing and on tour with Diddy. Meshach and I have been spending very scattered time [together]. Now he’s here with me and it’s a blessing and I can’t wait to see how he works with the baby and works with being with mom and dad 24/7. It’s been a change for me already,” Kalenna said, saying that her big boy is “so excited” to be a big brother, and likes to kiss and rub her baby bump first thing in the morning.

He’s just excited to be able to tell someone else what to do, that’s what he keeps saying,” she laughed. Seriously, too cute!

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