Kalenna Harper Tells Rasheeda Frost It’s Time to Change Her Image (VIDEO)
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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

Kalenna Harper Tells Rasheeda Frost It’s Time to Change Her Image (VIDEO)

We haven’t seen much of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3 newbie Kalenna Harper, but make no mistake, she’s there and hanging with the cast — particularly veteran cast member Rasheeda Frost. In this new clip that didn’t make it to air, Rasheeda confides in Kalenna that she doesn’t feel up to par with herself, and Kalenna suggests that Rasheeda gives her image a makeover.

At first, Rasheeda tells Kalenna that she thinks maybe husband Kirk Frost is at the root of her lack of motivation, despite Kalenna’s thoughts it could be postpartum depression. “I can’t not say it’s not Kirk, because it is … when your s— ain’t right with your life partner, s— is ratchet,” she tells Kalenna. However, Kalenna switches gears and tells Rasheeda that she should jump back into music with a new image and a new sound.

“What we should do is change your music,” Kalenna tells Rasheeda. She explains, “We need to rebrand everything. You got a lot of fans out there, you’ve got a lot of people that be watching you, seeing you after the new baby. Your image, we just gotta play. We just gotta find some dope people.” Rasheeda totally agrees, saying, “I already said in my head when I get to the place where its time for Rasheeda to come back again, it’s gon’ be a whole new Rasheeda because my life has changed.”

But Kalenna does make a point of telling Rasheeda that some of her raunchier tracks — “Legs to the Moon” and “Hit It From the Back” — are not songs the rapper should aspire to recreate. While Rasheeda asserts that the songs are paying her bills, Kalenna tells her that she needs to see the bigger picture.

“The music has to be real,” Kalenna tells Rasheeda. “It has to be a footprint left in the sands of life, my dude.” Rasheeda seems to agree to take on the task, and we can’t wait to see what the two ladies cook up.

Do you think Rasheeda should rebrand her music and image, or should she remain the way she is? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: VH1