Kalon McMahon Says Chris Harrison Seems Ready to Leave The Bachelor
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Kalon McMahon Says Chris Harrison Seems Ready to Leave The Bachelor

If you ask us, Chris Harrison has a pretty sweet gig: He gets to hang out in a mansion with beautiful people all day, and when it’s time to end a cocktail party, he gets to hone his mean champagne flute clink. However, Bachelorette alum Kalon McMahon thinks Chris is ready to call it quits — and Kalon puts the blame squarely on Juan Pablo Galavis.

Kalon the helicopter-riding, baggage-eschewing contestant of The Bachelorette Season 8 and Bachelor Pad 3 tells Radar Online that Chris seems to have “mentally checked out” of hosting The Bachelor. “Watching the show, it’s obvious, he’s tired of asking these terrible people about their awful relationships,” Kalon says.

Kalon adds that Chris is an “awesome, real guy” nice save, Kalon but that he’s “sick” of pretending to care about the contestants. “I’ll be curious to see how long he stays on the show,” Kalon continues.

Wow! For a guy who himself was one of those people who came to the Bachelor Mansion to find love, Kalon has some harsh words for the show and its alums. And it’s safe to assume that Kalon is not rooting for Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell’s romance, given that his “terrible people” comment appears to be aimed directly at them. Consider yourselves zinged, Nikki and JPG.

If you ask us, the fact that Chris gets exasperated with someone like Juan Pablo just shows how much Chris wants the show to work. Frankly, we think the host with the most still seems as invested in the show as we are, and appears quite fond of a number of people from Bachelor Nation. Couldn’t you just picture Chris and Sean Lowe joining a bowling team together? That’d be the most dramatic league night of the week.

Do you agree that most of the contestants on The Bachelor are “terrible people”? And do you think Chris is fed up with the show?

Source: Radar Online