Bachelor in Paradise

Controversial Reality Star Drops Extra “Baggage” at the Gym — Who Is It?

How many reps does it do to fix your, uh, rep? For this hottie from Houston (way to rep the H hat, brosef), all it took to turn himself around from the smack-talking fancy pants we met in 2012 to America’s Sweetheart later that year was a little help from a more wholesome member of his franchise.

These days, he looks to be getting pumped up for something, and we’re not sure what it is. We’ve heard a rumor that he's going to make a third go of it on his franchise’s new reality show, but he wasn’t on the original list of stars. However, we have it on good faith that he might be getting his bikini body ready for a trip to the tropics.

He’s used to getting fit, as the entrepreneur moved back to his Texas stomping ground to open up a gym and has been whipping people into shape ever since. Guess he just wanted to work off a little “baggage” while he had some free time?

Do you know who we’re talking about? Here, we’ll give you one more clue: The 29-year-old has a thing for helicopters, and we’re thinking he might hitch one to paradise, if he does end up making a stop…

Got it? Good, let’s proceed.