Bachelorette Villain Kalon McMahon: Juan Pablo Is “Just an Idiot Soccer Player”
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Bachelorette Villain Kalon McMahon: Juan Pablo Is “Just an Idiot Soccer Player”

If you’ve been wondering what Kalon McMahon has been doing since Season 8 of The Bachelorette, we’ve got the answer. The villain from Emily Maynard’s season has been furiously watching Juan Pablo’s season of The Bachelor — and he’s got some harsh words for good ol’ JPG.

“I’ve heard he’s a nice, genuine guy, but he isn’t interesting or engaging. Now the show is just make out scenes and implied sex scenes,” Kalon told “It’s painful to watch him with these girls. I think he’s incapable of stepping out of the superficial conversation — and I don’t know if that’s because English is his second language, or he’s just an idiot soccer player.”

Geez, that’s some serious shade Mr. Perfect is throwing at the Venezuelan single dad — though we expect no less from Kalon. But before you go getting all angry at the 28-year-old entrepreneur, he did have some nice things to say… kinda.

“I respect him. He’s a single dad, but that seemed to take a backseat once he started having chemistry with these girls,” Kalon continued. “Perhaps it’s editing, but he seems hypocritical saying he doesn’t want his daughter to see him doing these things — and then there are very implied sex scenes. His daughter is across the country, so I guess, out of sight, out of mind, right?”

In the end, Kalon thinks editing is to blame for the fall of Juan Pablo.

“The producers on this show are brilliant,” he continued. “The show isn’t scripted. It’s real. It’s just that producers are always in your ear feeding ideas to groom you into who they want you to be — and I think Juan Pablo fell victim to that.”

Seeing as how Kaylon was portrayed as such a villain on The Bachelorette, he probably knows a thing or two about coming across as someone you’re not.

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