Kandi Burruss Admits to “Going Insane” During the Pillow Talk Party, Regrets It Now
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Kandi Burruss Admits to “Going Insane” During the Pillow Talk Party, Regrets It Now

We were as surprised as anyone to see Kandi Burruss completely lose it on this week's February 9 episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. After years of earning a reputation as the "sane one," Kandi exploded at Cynthia Bailey's sister, Malorie, after she got pushed during NeNe Leakes's now-infamous Pillow Talk party.

But, no one seemed more shocked over her behavior than Kandi herself. As the over-the-top scene unfolded during Sunday's episode, Kandi took to Twitter to share her regret over her actions.

"Three people were pulling me back & I was going insane.... I so regret it now," Kandi wrote.

Still, Kandi did stand up for herself, pointing out that Cynthia put words in her mouth. She wasn't proud of the words she actually said, but she does want to make it clear that she didn't make any death threats.

"I never said I would kill her. Cynthia is exaggerating," Kandi tweeted, clarifying, "I said I would drag they ass. At the time I meant it, but I felt bad later..."

Kandi went on to defend her actions further, writing, "I know we're suppose 2 have self control as we get older but I’m not down 4 people walkin all up on me being all aggressive pointin in my face," and later adding, "I also feel like if you're breaking up an argument you should hold back your own people not pushing the people you're arguing with."

But, her statement during Sunday's episode said it all: "I was worse than my mama," a shamed-faced Kandi sighed with tears in her eyes.

Aw, we've seen a lot worse on this show, Kandi — don't be too hard on yourself!

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