Kandi Burruss’ House Loses Power
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Kandi Burruss

Kandi Burruss’ House Loses Power

A single moment spent without air conditioning during the summer sounds like too long for us, but a two-day stretch in Atlanta without it? No thanks!

Kandi Burruss found out firsthand just what the ATL is like without modern conveniences when the power to her house suddenly went out this week.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta posted to her Instagram about the situation, and it doesn’t sound like much fun to us!

“These are just a few of the Georgia Power trucks outside my house,” Kandi explains of a video of her busy street. “They've been out here for two days now. All of the trucks are just for my house because some of the power lines that come to my house went bad.... They said they'll be here all night til the morning. Well thank you #GeorgiaPower for your dedication! I'm so glad y'all are fixing the problem because It's nothing worst than your power being out for days. Especially since @todd167 is in LA.”

Luckily, the dedicated workers assigned to the task got things up and running as soon as they could, delighting Kandi so much that she posted a photo with one of the Georgia Power workers to social media.

“I had to get a pic with Darrol Mitchell from Georgia Power,” writes Kandi. “They got everything worked out! Thank you sooooo much to Georgia Power & everybody that had to work out the problems over here! I appreciate it!”

Source: Instagram